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Zerbert: Hybrid

Zerbert is a cannabis strain created by the cross of  Blue Sherbet and Zkittles. The Zerbert strain is a hybrid with a  dominance of Indica. The Indica to Sativa ratio of this marijuana is 60 to 40. he buds smell  sweet and  fruity. You will be reminded of  berries and candy with some  sour notes when you smell this marijuana. The taste is also very sweet and fruity. It has notes of berries, cherry, and  citrus combined with some hints of  earthiness. Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, Zerbert leans more towards relaxing and calming effects. Zerbert is also used to treat some medical conditions. It can help treat issues sch as chronic pain, stress, depression, inflammation, and migraines. It can also be used to induce hunger in case of a lack of appetite.