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Cosmic. A hybrid that leans slightly toward the sativa side, Cosmic offers an invigorating, creative high that can elevate your spirit. Its buds range from medium to large in size and feature a dense and compact structure. The nugs exhibit a mesmerizing color palette, with vibrant shades of green, streaks of deep purple and hints of royal blue. A generous coating of white trichomes gives the buds a sparkling, ethereal appearance.

Cosmic's fragrant bouquet is earthy and sweet with tropical fruit accents like pineapple and mango and earthy undertones. Its captivating flavor greets you with a burst of tropical fruit, with pineapple and mango taking center stage. Your likely to notice its earthy, herbal highlights as well.

Fans have shared that Cosmic offers a cerebral, uplifting high that enhances creativity and thought-provoking activities. It is described to start with a gentle euphoria that elevates the mood and focus, making it an excellent choice for artistic endeavors, brainstorming, or simply enjoying an inspiring conversation. This strain promotes a sense of wonder and curiosity, aligning perfectly with its cosmic theme.