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The Role Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Promoting Responsible Marijuana Use

Although Washington, D.C. dispensaryare often known for being places where patients can get medical marijuana products, safe access is only one of the many benefits of establishing regulated marijuana programs. Take, for instance, the CDC's new data that shows Americans are using marijuana responsibly

The Role Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

This is a very encouraging result and should give some perspective to addressing concerns about the impact of medical marijuana laws on young. Multiple factors can contribute to positive trends in public health, but it is important to note that even though there have been significant increases in access for approved patients, declining rates of marijuana use and dependence is not uncommon.

Safe Access

Patients can get marijuana in safe, health-focused dispensaries. Patients have shared with us their frustrations at the prospect of obtaining marijuana outside of a dispensary. It's much easier to establish a healthy relationship with cannabis when patients have been removed from any negative environment. This is based on education and accountability. A well-regulated medical marijuana program must ensure that patients have legal and safe access to marijuana. This goal will make it easier for providers and patients to encourage responsible behavior.

Care and Personal Attention

Dispensaries can provide guidance and insight that is not possible in other settings by building relationships with patients. The sales staff makes patients feel comfortable and encourages them to share their personal health stories and goals with them. Based on the patient's medical history, experienced employees can recommend product selections and dosages. Patients can make better decisions and use cannabis in a way that suits their needs. Patients who have access to scientifically-based advice on how to use cannabis correctly are less likely to become dependent or abuse.

Product Selection

Modern medical marijuana growers use sophisticated breeding techniques and cultivation methods to create custom solutions for patients who have specific needs. A patient can be treated more effectively by choosing the right product or strain for their specific symptoms. Patients are taught how to adjust their doses to get the desired results without being too medicated. Advanced genetics, such as those with high CBD levels, offer patients symptom relief and intoxication-free options. Patients who want to reduce their cannabis consumption and predict the effects of products that they consume can benefit from laboratory testing and labeling. This knowledge can be used to help patients avoid negative effects and to reduce the risk of experimentation.

Changing Conversation

The collective efforts of providers, patients, doctors, public officials, and other stakeholders in the establishment of well-regulated medical cannabis programs promotes a forward-thinking approach to medical marijuana's role in public health. Individuals who might benefit from medical marijuana have easy access to the support and information they need, as the dialogue becomes more visible. Positive messages to the public will make responsible marijuana use more possible. Education helps people understand when cannabis use can be beneficial. An evidence-based approach towards medical marijuana is an effective intervention to prevent unhealthy choices.

We also acknowledge that this important work is only the beginning. We are excited to see the strong statistical evidence that Americans use marijuana more responsibly. We expect that the relationship between licensed marijuana businesses and positive trends in public health will continue to be explored and discussed. Our work is based on the desire to make an impact in the lives and health of patients. We have the privilege to witness daily outcomes that touch our hearts and remind us why we are here. We are confident that medical cannabis conversations will be more exciting, inclusive, and encouraging as new research continues to improve our understanding of marijuana's relationship with public health.