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The Best Way to Smoke Cannabis at Home

Smoking is one of the oldest ways of smoking marijuana, and it remains among the more loved methods of consumption to this day. Nothing beats smoking a couple of puffs of marijuana and then passing the joint to a group of buddies at your home. It's like having a ritual.

If you reside inside Washington, D.C., you can smoke cannabis at home in the event that you're at least 21 years old. However, smoking cannabis elsewhere in public areas as well as on Federal property is illegal.

How can you make the most of these legal smoking sessions? Let's explore how to smoke cannabis in your home.

Make a Joint

Joints are among the most commonly used methods to smoke cannabis inside your home. They're sometimes referred to as "pre-rolls" as well as "cannabis cigarettes." Joints consist of cannabis that is tightly packed in roll paper. To reduce the danger of exposure to chemicals choose rolling papers that are not flavoured as well as unbleached and not refined. Learn how to roll and light an individual joint:

  • Make a grind using an herb crusher. Remove any seeds or stems of the weed you've crushed. Grinders let you crush the weed to the perfect rolling, filling as well as burning consistency.
  • It is possible to opt for an air filter in case you don't want your fingers to be burned when you smoke. Cut an adobe piece and fold it in a way that resembles an apex.
  • The rolling paper is packed with your crushed weed. One-wide roll paper, or the 11/4 roll paper are the ideal rolling sizes.
  • Be sure to put your filter towards an end.
  • Then, you can roll the joint to form an oval or cone shape.
  • Finally, you need to light the joint's end and then get puffs of air from the filter end.

What if you don't possess the ability to roll an assembly? The advent of pre-rolls has simplified the process. They can be described as cannabis cigarettes that are already with a roll. It is not necessary to perform the dirty work grind and roll the joint. Simply order a package of pre-rolls from the D.C. dispensary. The only thing you have to do is lighting the pipe and then enjoy the smoke.

Make a splash with a flash of light

In contrast to joints, blunts tend to be more substantial and last longer. They are constructed similarly to joints, but with hollowed-out tobacco wrappers or blunts. Follow the steps below to make the blunt

  • Make a grind using the herb mill. Get rid of any seeds or stems from the weed that has been crushed.
  • Open the cigar and take the cigar wrap off by using your fingers.
  • Wet the wrap by rubbing it with your wet hands, then fill the wrapped with cannabis that has been crushed.
  • Wrap the wrap into the shape of a tube.

To enjoy the best smoking experience of a blunt You must ignite it properly. The key is lighting the blunt as cigarettes. This means that you hit the blunt three times to make sure it's sufficiently lit.


If you're not keen on the chemical exposure that comes with blunts and joints, then you can opt for this method of smoking without paper. Cannabis pipes are among the most convenient ways to smoke marijuana at your home.

Pipes consist of the following components:

  • A hollow bowl
  • A stem
  • A mouthpiece

These are steps for smoking marijuana with pipes:

  • Make a grind using the herb mill. Remove any seeds or stems from the weed that has been crushed.
  • Make sure to fill the bowl up with marijuana that has been crushed until you reach the halfway point. It is important not to fill the bowl too tightly otherwise it could be difficult to get a good hit.
  • Make use of a lighter to illuminate the bowl. Use the mouthpiece for inhaling.
  • If the bowl has an opening for carbs, you can enclose it using your fingers, smoking it, and then take several puffs. This permits the building of smoke inside the pipe. Take your fingers from inside the pipe in order to let out the smoke, and breathe it into your lungs.

Make sure you're sharing the mouthpiece of the pipe with your acquaintances, you need to be aware of the spread of germs and bacteria. Clean with rubbing alcohol the mouthpiece prior to every use. This may appear to be a tedious job, but it could lower the risk of spreading of infections.


Bongs, sometimes referred to as water pipes, may also serve as a way to smoke marijuana. Like the name suggests, bongs use water in order to chill and purify cannabis smoke. The cooling effect of smoke makes it clearer and smoother once it is in the lungs when inhaling. So, you may get more shots than normal when smoking joints, blunts or bowls.

Bongs are typically considered to be an alternative to smoking that is healthier to blunts, joints and bowls.

Bongs have a bowl, and a cylinder of glass called the "downstem." If you smoke, the smoke travels through the bong's downstem until it reaches the water-filled bowl , where it's filtered. Then, it travels across the neck to the mouthpiece where you breathe the smoke.

Below are some steps for taking a puff of cannabis in a bong

  • Then, pour water into the chamber until it floods the underside of the downstem.
  • The marijuana can be crushed by using an herb mill. Get rid of any stems or seeds from the weed you have crushed.
  • Fill the bowl up until it is halfway full of the flower.
  • Place the mouthpiece of the bong in your mouth. Then, start to light the bowl as you breathe the smoke into your lungs.
  • If smoke is filling the chamber of water, remove it from its downstem. puff it up to eliminate the smoke.

Keep Hydrated

No matter what your cannabis consumption method, it's important to drink enough water. You don't want to be afflicted with the struggle with your mouth. The weed intoxication triggers the salivary glands in your mouth to temporarily cease producing saliva. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water to prevent the mouth from drying following a smoke.


Cannabis is a lot of fun. It is a great drug that has many benefits, and it comes with a variety of flavour profiles. However, smoking marijuana can cause irritation to your lungs as well as your throat. When you're struggling with a respiratory illness, you should consider taking marijuana orally through edibles pills, pills as well as oil tinctures.

In addition to smoking cannabis in your home, be sure that you don't take in the smoke too much. Be sure to stay in a state of hydration to avoid getting cottonmouth.